No bread diet plan

May 10, 2018
Dairy & Sugar Free Diet Plans

Bread (white, wheat, whole grain, pitas and any other type)
White Rice, rice noodles, rice cakes
Cake (cupcakes, twinkies, cookies, etc)
Pancakes, waffles
Cereal, crackers, chips or any other packaged food
White rice
Potatoes (White, red, french fries, potato chips, etc)

Tortillas (corn, flour, wraps) YES!
Brown Rice (not every day)
Oatmeal (not every day)
Along with any other food that you like that does not appear in the do not eat list
(e.g. eat all the meat and vegetables that you like!)


1st off – Is bread killing us? Is it the latest fad of all-of-a-sudden unhealthy foods that the government has engineered to keep the people down? Is it poisonous? Sorry gang. No conspiracy here. Bread has been around for a long long time (about 30, 000 years). So far it hasn’t decimated the human race.

Side-note: Do you remember eating syrup sandwiches as a kid? What is a syrup sandwich you say?? When you’re a kid and you’re home alone after school – take a slice of Wonder bread. Pour on syrup. Lay a second slice of Wonder bread. EAT! Any way…

So no, bread isn’t going to kill you…but it’s NOT helping you lose weight, and it’s NOT helping you grow younger either.

Now let’s talk about our friend…Bread:
I cover this in my video BLOG on losing weight too Watch Here

bigstock-cartoon-snake-with-lump-in-bel-29489570A) Bread is not the most naturally occurring of foods…right? You’re never going to walk out into a field and see bread loaves growing on a vine or anything. It has to go through a lot of processing to show up as a fluffy, rounded mass that we eat. Wheat –> ground to flour –> + bleach (if white) –> + yeast –> high heat baking
All of that alters the Whole Food rule of eating naturally (Watch that video here) – this applies to white, wheat, whole grain, pitas…all of um!

2) Bread is very bulky and filling. It’s fluffy stuff that’s soft and has a lot of air in it. It’s like a Nerf ball right? Quite frankly it takes up a lot of space, bread does. You have 1 tube in your body that runs from your mouth to your pooper. That tube is narrow and that tube is elastic. The more you clog it up with a fluffy, airy substance – the slower your body will digest ALL of your food and the more that will expand and add inches to your waist as it builds up. (That’s why WRAPS are OK – tortillas are FLAT!)

Tertiary) If you don’t drink enough water then this all gets even worse. Remember Plaster of Paris as a kid? (No – you don’t eat this one). You’d take this white powder and you mix it with water and make funny shapes out of it and let it dry and harden? It is similar to how casts for broken bones are made! If you aren’t drinking half a gallon to a gallon of water daily (soda, and coffee, and energy drinks and juices are NOT treated like water in your body – watch here) then that chewed up bread drys up and REALLY clogs up your intestines and that’s how blockages in your digestive tracts can start.

Dig deep. YOU ARE STRONG!So here’s the plan – Let’s see if it’s humanly possible to lower the amount of bread and other processed, fluffy, clogging carbs that we eat. So for 7 days we are going to NOT EAT ANY BREAD!

What should I expect?

You will become very regular (2-3 bowel movements daily). You will burp less and have far less heartburn. You will notice your waist shrinking. Many of you will lose 5-10 lbs. (some have lost 20lbs+!)

My wife has been doing zero grains for the last month and has lost 12 pounds without any exercise. If any grain is in the ingredients then she will stay away from it.- R.M.

What is the purpose?

I’m not worried about how carbohydrates are metabolized (there are carbs in apples too – but I’m not concerned about apples clogging you up!) And this is not about gluten or wheat. I’m focusing on fluffy, clogging, flour-based bread foods that are processed. I want you to focus on how your body starts to function, look, and feel after a few short days of temporarily eliminating bread from you diet.

Step 1 – Join my Facebook Cleanse Support Group Page – that way we can all interact and provide support, feedback, and accountability to one another.

Step 2 – Forward this blog to your family and friends to join too! Don’t try to explain it yourself (They need to see the same info you saw, to think that same way you do!)


– Plan ahead
– Don’t end up at McDonald’s!
– And if you do, get the bun-less version and a salad
– Ask for the sandwich as a wrap instead
– Stock up on tortilla bread at home
– Need something to fill you up? – try beans!

Seems too simple to work huh? I KNOW!! Try it anyway. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Stop believing everything you hear and start doing something! I know that you can do this…

This is #3 of the 8 Challenges to Reset Your Body. And remember, as soon as you complete this Challenge – start Challenge #4 as soon as you can.

Please share this and BE WELL…


“No bread for one week….. Can already see definition changes! I eat a very clean and healthy diet, with exercise/weights 6 days a week! Have been drinking a gallon of water a day!! My energy is awesome…. Can’t wait for more healthy results!” – B.N. [Athlete]

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