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February 14, 2021
Diet Plans That Work Fast
In case you don't know about Pinterest, it is a virtual photo-sharing pinboard where you can organize all of the favorite things you find online such as recipes, workouts, quotes, products, furniture, design ideas, etc.

The Pinterest Diet has a list of 12 essential rules to follow to help you lose weight, and I have included five below. By the way, if you are not on Pinterest yet, visit to get signed up and ready to have some fun!

Rule No. 1: Create five Life Transformation Boards.

This is the foundation of my book. You are going to create the following five Life Transformation Boards on Pinterest:

1. MSF (Most Satisfying) Factor Foods – foods that contain protein, fiber, or healthy fat since they help satisfy your appetite.

2. – individual exercises and daily workout plans.

3. Daily Inspiration – for inspirational quote and photos.

4. In The Know – for all things healthy such as articles on reducing stress, improving sleep or seasonal produce.

5. Favorite Products – favorite products that you already have and/or your wish list of what you want.

Rule No. 2: Pin 10 minutes every day.

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is its dynamic nature. Since it is constantly changing, your Life Transformation Boards should do the same. Pin to at least one board each day; better yet, pin to all five!

You should spend at least 10 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY combing through Pinterest, looking for great new recipes, exercises, inspirational quotes, health tidbits, products and anything else that strikes your fancy. I highly encourage you to spend a lot of time scouring my boards since I have already done a lot of the work for you. I have more than 3400 pins for you to choose from. I've already curated for you, collecting what I consider the best health, fitness, and inspirational material available on Pinterest.

By spending time pinning, you're taking care of yourself. You're nourishing your creativity, you're nourishing your mind and you're nourishing your body. This helps you to refocus on your goals and stay determined to reach them.

Rule No. 3: Eat three MSF factor foods every day.

Eat three MSF Factor Foods from my list every day. MSFs are nutrient-rich foods high in protein and/or fiber and/or healthy fats. They keep you satisfied without loading you up with junk like trans fats, sugar and empty calories. Another benefit of MSFs is that they help stabilize your blood sugar so you won't crave unhealthy stuff such as sugar and salt.

The book includes a full list of my Top 50 MSF Factor Foods.

Did you know that protein-rich foods are the most filling? They'll keep you feeling full longer than anything else you put in your body. Plus, studies show that eating more protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar level, which means you'll have more and longer-lasting energy. You'll also avoid that shaky, ravenous sick-hungry feeling.

I'll walk you through the basics of figuring out exactly how much protein you need based on your weight. In general, if you want to lose weight and you are otherwise healthy, you can aim for about .7 to .9 grams of protein per pounds of body weight. Simply multiply your weight by this number to determine how many grams of protein you should have each day.

Rule No. 5: Cook at least twice a week.

Second, cooking is much more budget-friendly. The typical American spends more than $2, 500 eating out every year, according to the United States Department of Labor. The average family shells out $4, 000 at restaurants annually, according to a recent ABC News report. Worse yet, we spend $1, 000 a year on takeout coffee – more than we spend commuting.

The Pinterest Diet recipes focus on simplicity and delicious flavor. The recipes are also quick and easy enough for even the most inexperienced cook to tackle.

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