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August 23, 2016
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We’ve published hundreds of blog posts and articles covering exercise, nutrition, sport, health, and body composition topics. To help make your navigation easier, here’s a guide to using the site.

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As there are over 50, 000 pages on this site and several hundred posts and articles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To simply things, we put together these free 5-day video courses.

Coaching from the experts

Twice a year, we take a small group of men and women, coach them personally for 12 months, and get them healthier, fitter and leaner than they’ve ever been.

Coaching for professionals

Twice a year, we also teach a small group of new fitness professionals how to use advanced nutrition coaching to transform the bodies of their clients in the shortest period of time possible.

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We have an extensive article library with hundreds of short, definitive reviews of the most important exercise, sport, nutrition, and health related topics. Here are our “All About” article categories.

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In addition, our blog has several hundred posts, dating back to 2006. If you’re interested in exploring all our posts, by topic, here’s a list of our main categories.

Most popular posts

Here are some of the most popular articles and posts from the last few years:

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Megan Willis on Fitness and Nutrition
Megan Willis on Fitness and Nutrition
Nutrition and Fitness
Nutrition and Fitness

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