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June 13, 2017
Which high glycemic carbs you

If we had to pick the one single class of food that does the most overall damage to the health of Americans it would be empty carbohydrates, meaning sugar (as in candy, cake, soda, etc.) and carbohydrates (as in pastries and noodles).

  • Most people don’t look at food the way it really is...
  • Carbohydrates turn into sugar after being digested...
  • So whether you’re eating a roll, or a potato or a piece of candy, they are really both just sugar as far as the bloodstream is concerned.

Many of Us Eat Way Too Much Sugar

  • The reason sugar takes first place in what’s wrong with the modern diet is that we eat so much of it. Most people far underestimate the amount of sugar they eat each day with the average person eating the equivalent of 52 spoonfuls (208 grams or about 1/2 pound) of sugar per day. And it’s much worse doing the Holidays when people double their intake of simple carbohydrates.

    This much sugar in our blood prevents our cells from being fat burners, with a whole host of health problems, including increased propensity for disease, and earlier death.

    Because eating sugar is such a pleasurable experience, food manufacturers have more than doubled than amount of sugar in foods over the past 30 years. (trying to get us to eat more). Tests show that even animals will eat up to six times as much food when it is laced with sugar.

Sugar creates several problems for the human body:

  1. Sugar quickly raises blood sugar levels, which causes the pancreas to release insulin to get the sugar out of the blood. This unnecessary work creates wear and tear on the endocrine systems of the body. It’s like revving your car engine up while it is in neutral or park. You accomplish nothing except to damage your health.
  2. Sugar increases circulating insulin and fat storage. As insulin levels go up, fat storage also goes up. This causes your leptin levels to go up... and creates confusion for the metabolic system, meaning the survival switch mechanisms regulating whether a person is in fat burning or sugar burning mode get confused so that an overweight person can stay in sugar burning mode even though the body has ample fat stores and should be in fat burning mode.
  3. Sugar...

Well, let's start with insulin. When you eat sugar, your blood sugar quickly rises and your pancreas immediately responds by secreting the hormone insulin. Insulin, whose job among many other things, is to quickly remove the sugar out of the blood stream by delivering it to cells where it can be used for energy. If sugar is allowed to hang out in the blood stream it does damage by attaching to red blood cells and creating sticky compounds that clog up your system.

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