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January 20, 2018
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Diet Bites Free High Fiber Diet Plan - Hello Fiber!

It's the dawn of the Age of Fiber - and lucky you, because a diet rich in fiber will not only help erase those pesky pounds, it can also bump-up the grade on anyone's Health Report Card. Here's how:

- Fiber keeps the tummy feeling satisfied longer than 'fiberless' foods.

- Dietary fiber keeps the digestive track moving right along.

- Foods high in natural fiber tend to be great Calorie Buys.

- Foods rich in fiber tend to hold super powers & may even cut health risks for certain diseases.

- Fiber found naturally in foods is best recognized by the body - and in our opinion, is the best method for getting the daily fiber necessary for optimum nutrition. However, for those individuals unable to achieve desired fiber intake through natural foods, numerous fiber supplements exist - so therefore, there's good fiber news for every type of dieter.

The Diet Bites High (Hi) Fiber Diet Plan

The Diet Bites High Fiber Diet Plan is a three day diet that embraces healthy sources of fiber in the daily diet. Our High Fiber Diet Plan is based on the Official Food Pyramid and contains approximately 1, 400 calories per day. Simply follow the steps below:

- Weigh the morning that you begin the Hi Fiber Diet Plan BEFORE you eat. Weigh again on the morning AFTER the Hi Fiber Diet Plan ends BEFORE you eat.

- Drink 8 CUPS of water per day, which is the minimum recommended by the USDA. And of course, the beverages in the High Fiber Diet Plan can be included in the 8-cup requirement. As a note - water, milk & 100% fruit juice are the best beverage choices. Just one caveat: Avoid 'over-watering' which can lead to an imbalance of the electrolytes which in turn can lead to serious consequences, including death.

- Walking 10-15 minutes per day will render more impressive weight loss results when paired with our High Fiber Diet Plan.

- Calories in our High Fiber Diet Plan are based on the use of Splenda as a sweetener, and Parkay no-calorie butter spray for Butter Power. If sugar or butter/margarine is preferred, allow for those extra calories within the daily diet. Use any variety of whole grain bread that you enjoy, allowing no more than 80 calories per slice. If the slice of bread contains more calories, then simply remove a bit of the bread.

- One should always get the thumb's up from their doctor before venturing out on any weight loss diet plan not only to rule out existing conditions which may be contributing to weight gain, but also to determine personal calories recommended while dieting.

1, 400 Calorie Daily Diet

Servings as Recommended by USDA

Food Group

Daily Serving Size


1.5 cups



5 ounces

Meat & Beans

4 ounces

Source: www.dietbites.com
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