Healthy 1200 Calorie diet Plans

December 19, 2016
Skinny Girl Lunch Ideas

No one else has any?? I find that hard to believe! :)

Well.. my eating plan is more around 1450 a day. My days are pretty much the same, I will switch up some of my snacks and my dinners but beakfast is always the same. But here's what my plan usually looks like:

breakfast- 350 cal

Coffee w/creamer. 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 tbsp of either honey or jam. 3 egg omlete (1 yolk and 2 egg whites) with veggies (spinach, broccoli, tomatos, or mushrooms) with salsa.


1 1/2 cup of Total with a 1/2 cup of 1% milk and a piece of fruit.

snack- 100 cal

60 cal yogurt with berries.

granola bar

fresh fruit

lunch- 300 cal

The bread for these sandwiches is never more than 90 calories a piece.

Turkey sandwich with brown mustard or sometimes I put a wedge of laughing cow cheese on it. Baby carrots.

Penut Butter and Apple Butter sandwich, 1 tbsp of each.

medium banana.

A wedge of laughing cow cheese and a few crackers.

1/2 cup cottage cheese

dinner- 400 cal

Chicken breast with 1/2 cup rice and some fresh veggies.

Lean cuisine pizza with minestrone soup.

90 cal wrap with chicken and assorted veggies.

90 cal wrap 1/2 cup rice taco beef and veggies.

Johnsenville Turkey brats with cheese and bun of course (these are so good and only 120 calories each, too bad the bun is 100 calories as well)

I have alot of different dinners, as long as its 400-500 cal.

snack- 100-200 cal

1/2 cup Edy's double churned ice cream with cone.

20 iced animal cookies.

Bing Cherries

strawberries and whip cream.

This all equals 1300- 1450 calories. Works for me.

I like your plan foreverme24 especially the way you work in some sweet snacks with low cals.

Mine is closer to 1450-1500 because I work out almost daily and can't function on less than that.


Lighter version (250 total) -
Instant apple cinnamon oatmeal made with water (130)
Apple Jacks (120)
Green Tea

Heavier version (350) -
2 boiled eggs (140)
3 pieces of ham (60)
1 tomato (30)
2 nectarines (120)
Green tea


Baked edamame, lightly salted (.25 cup for 130 calories)

Milk Chocolate with raisins and almonds (250)


Lighter (420) -
Spring mix (40)
Light ranch (120)
Tomato (30)
Cucumber (20)
Black olives (30)
Cherries (180, 2 cups)

Heavier (550) -
low-cal bread, 90 calories/2 pieces, Sara Lee brand
mayo (100) or half small avocado
turkey (100, 2 bid pieces)
havarti cheese (80)
Cherries (180, 2 cups)


Lighter (300) -
1 cup kefir, or cultured buttermilk (110)
1 apple (60 calories)
5 big dates (130)

Heavier (400) -
Smoked salmon (150)
Crackers (120)
Laughing cow (4 wedges, light, 35x4=140)

I do a mix and match, but also my menu keeps changing as I get bored with eating the same thing every day. Hope this is helpful for someone.

Original Post by meekalo:

Thanks!! It works really well for me. I eat every three hours, starting at 8am and ending at 8pm. I work 9-7 everyday so it fits with my schedule. It helps to speed up my metabolism and I get to eat something every three hours.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm impressed with all of these. I get tired of turkey for breakfast and lunch every day, haha. Guess who's going grocery shopping?

The list is very very helpful. Thak you much! It's really good to see how other members plan their meals for 1200 Cals per day. I don't have a good meal plan yet. I am trying to EAT healthy food and only TASTE yummy but not really healthy food like regular ice cream, cookie, brownie, so I would not feel restricted.

Good luck to everyone!

I've got a 1200 calorie meal plan - but it's very UK focused. I know I eat too many pre-prepared foods, but my problem (or one of my problems) is portion control, so this helps me limit what I actually eat. I ate this yesterday, and was pretty satistfied (it comes to 1223 - an extra 23 calories!):


green tea (0)
170 gram Marks & Spencers Fat-Free vanilla yogurt (75)


medium poppy seed bagel (300)
33 grams light cream cheese (51)


Itsu Crab & avacado sushi (238)
1/3 Itsu veggie sushi (71)


1/2 can Kidney beans (105)
1/3 bag lettuce and carrots (16)

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