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December 9, 2014
Low Fat Diet Plan

2014-05-18 004 2014-05-18 001Tired of working out excessively and not seeing results? Upset from counting every calorie and restricting yourself from indulging in what you love? Well, what if I told you that there was a lifestyle where you could eat TONS of food a day in abundance and never have to restrict or worry about a single calorie ever again? Don’t believe me? Well it’s true folks; it’s called a = Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains (oats, rye, quinoa, rice, etc), Beacns, Legumes, Pasta, Potatoes.

Bad Carbs/Simple Carbs = Fructose and Glucose which are found in white flour/starch (white bread, white refined sugar) and are “empty calories”. One thing to stay away from is high fructose corn syrup found in sodas and processed foods.

Basically you can eat as much as your body truly needs, and the beauty of it is, you stay slim and fit. Thousands of people have thrived on this lifestyle and have only seen great results. Forget everything you know about weight loss and dieting. Forget that voice in your head that says “CARBS ARE BAD!! STAY AWAY!” No. Carbs will not make you fat. No more cutting back on calories and skipping meals. No more worrying about every single food you put into your body and how it will affect you. When you are eating wholesome and healthy foods, your body will only show you positive results, and you don’t have to worry about all those old dieting fads. Oh, and this diet will work as long as you are; so that means working your body and getting enough of your daily exercise. You can’t sit on the couch all day and eat tons of food and expect to see results.

2014-08-27 002 2014-08-27 005You may see other people doing this diet differently, and that is because everybody is different! What works for one person may not work for another. So don’t get alarmed if someone else is eating 10 bananas in a smoothie and you can only eat 2!! That is perfectly okay. Never stuff yourself full to “get in more calories” just because people on the internet said so. Listen to your body and eat intuitively. Eat when you are hungry; stop when you are full. It is that simple.

“So what do I eat?”

FOOD FROM THE EARTH! Mother nature has blessed us with an abundance of food for us to grow and eat naturally without causing any harm to any other beings. Plant based foods contain ALL of the nutrients the human body needs to survive, and they do not contain cholesterol, fatty acids, and many other things that only animal by-products contain.


Fruits are high in carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and water content. They also contain little to no fat. And absolutely NO cholesterol. Specific examples of the highest carb fruits include apples, pears, raisins, dates, peaches, bananas, grapefruits, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and pineapples.


Vegetables are similar to fruits in the fact they are low in fat and high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water content. The place they differ is the carb content. Only a select few vegetables are high in carbs and they include acorn and winter squash, sweet potatoes, yams and regular potatoes.


Legumes are seeds that are contained inside a pod. These are high in fiber, carbs and vitamins and they are low in fat. Examples include peas, lentils, garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, soy beans, kidney beans and lima beans.

Rice, Potatoes, Pasta

Now a days, girls are so afraid to eat carbs. They think they will get fat. Well, no… you won’t. You can eat rice and potatoes and NOT get fat. DO NOT LISTEN TO REGINA GEORGE. CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOUUUUUU.

An example of what 3 meals a day for someone following the HCLF diet looks like this:

Breakfast: a smoothie, nana ice-cream, or a monomeal (an abundance of one type of food such as 1 pineapple, half a watermelon, half a cantaloupe, 5 mangos, etc)

A Good Day of Eating on The High Carb Low Fat Diet
A Good Day of Eating on The High Carb Low Fat Diet
Low Carb Diet Sample - Day 3
Low Carb Diet Sample - Day 3
Raw Food Menu Sample: low fat, raw vegan, 80/10/10
Raw Food Menu Sample: low fat, raw vegan, 80/10/10

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