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February 21, 2019
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Our weight loss and metabolism expert Alyssa Cellini is here to help you get the body you have always dreamed about with our highly successful weight loss program.

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

When you start to “diet”- you typically measure your progress with your scale. Weight loss is when the scale goes down. The scale measures your overall weight so many of us assume it’s all fat, but is it? Many people forget that in addition to fat, you also have muscle and water.

Fat loss is when your body fat percent goes down, leaving muscle as is. The benefit of measuring your fat, muscle and water individually ensures you’re on the path to continued and healthy fat loss.

Continuous low calorie dieting leads to muscle loss at the same time or before fat loss. This will halt the body’s desire to burn fat for energy. The trick is to eat enough of the RIGHT food at the RIGHT time.

When you hear the word metabolism, you probably associate it with how fast you can lose weight. Although your ability to lose weight is a sign of your metabolic function, the ease at which your body can burn fat is based on many different systems throughout your body.

Alyssa specializes in metabolism optimization and custom caloric and macronutrient needs which is why each person gets a completely different plan thus increasing results many times over general plans. In addition to food however, various factors such as thyroid and adrenal function can cause slower fat burning or plateaus in the process. Alyssa specializes in comprehensive blood work assays and will be meticulously analyzing your endocrine and hormonal levels to fix any potential imbalances that can hinder your progress. Many patients are told by their doctors their thyroid is “fine” however in most of those cases, the proper thyroid parameters are not checked and therefore the problem is often completely missed. Furthermore, many people may have thyroid levels that are considered borderline and doctors are not willing to give medication unless the level is completely out of range. Fortunately, our office utilizes various natural ways to balance thyroid levels to their optimal ranges, often without the use of medications. Alyssa leaves no stone unturned and will get to the bottom of why your body may not be burning fat properly.

How The Program Works

In the initial visit you will sit down with Alyssa to review a very detailed health history, take measurements and go over an extensive questionnaire so Alyssa can learn as much information about your health as possible. She will measure weight, body fat, muscle, water and other metrics with our highly sophisticated body composition machine – BIA to create a baseline from which to track all of your progress through the program. Alyssa will then educate you on the details of a healthy eating regiment so you will not only know what to eat, but also the reason why certain foods are better for your body. Using the information gathered throughout your preliminary work-up, she will develop a meal plan with specific foods best suited for you based on your individual body composition with the right portions and proper timing of meals. At this time, she may also recommend blood work and any other necessary thyroid and hormone assessments to make sure everything is working properly.

The second session is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks and Alyssa will build on the previous session, continue food education and planning, and assess the progress you have made. You will receive detailed insight on your baseline measurements and how they relate to your health and future goals. At every visit, Alyssa will fine-tune your meal plan and provide more specific breakdowns based on your changing body composition to cater to your body’s individual metabolism and enhance your command of your body.

After the 2 initial consultations, patients usually see Alyssa every 2-3 weeks to focus on continuing education, adjusting food plans, running any necessary tests and tracking progress with the BIA to ensure the program is working best for you.

Throughout the program, we want you to not only lose weight and look better, but most importantly to feel better overall. Your progress will create a domino effect that will spark powerful and lasting improvements in all phases of your life. Current patients have happily noted:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better energy
  • Reduced cravings
  • Better fitting clothes

Alyssa enjoys breaking down complex scientific explanations into simple conventional terms. She equates her clients’ success to understanding not only what to eat, but also why they are eating at a given time. Alyssa has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and keep it off with her tailored specifications for each individual, detailed analyses and remarkable coaching.

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