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November 13, 2018
Quick & Easy Meal Plan

Nutritionists’ diets are presumably the paragon of healthful balance. In a country where approximately 45 million Americans are on a diet in an effort to become healthier each year, sound nutrition advice is fundamental. But losing weight can be an uphill battle, especially when studies have found more than 80 percent of dieters gain the weight back after just two years.

Nutrition counseling is oftentimes integral to sustaining long-term nutrition and weight management, which is when patients turn to professionals for guidance. To learn how to eat like those who practice what they preach, we interviewed two registered dieticians and nutritionists based in Manhattan.

Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN

“When it comes to eating healthy, being prepared is half the battle.”

As a registered dietician and nutritionist, Shapiro became the founder of Real Nutrition NYC in 2009, using her eight years of business experience to apply to accruing clients in need of healthy lifestyle changes. Shapiro grew up in a health-conscious household, giving her a foundation in understanding applicable and realistic nutrition practices at an early age.

“My father was into health food supplements and vitamins 60 years ago before it was cool. I couldn’t avoid being in this field even if I tried, ” Shapiro laughs. “My perspective on food has cleaned up because of my education, but I’ve always eaten healthy. I really think everyone thinks it’s a quick fix, but it’s a constant evolvement. I’ve evolved as I’ve read and learned and counseled my clients.”

Like many households, Shapiro is a busy working parent of three young boys. Although there is less time to prepare filling breakfasts and sit-down lunches, she isn’t the kind of mom who’s eating her kids’ fruit snacks or cheese crusts. By encouraging her clients to follow the leader, she provides a living example how working moms can pragmatically incorporate exercise and nutrition-rich foods from breakfast to bed.

Tricks of the Trade:

“Be forgiving of yourself. It’s never the one instance that causes the issue. It’s the consistency of making poor choices. Just like any nutritionist will do, we’ll indulge a little bit, but the next moment we eat we’re right back on track.

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