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July 19, 2014
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Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, where more than 100, 000 seniors will participate in healthy activities in community events across the nation. It is “the nation’s largest older adult health promotion event, ” organized and coordinated by the Mature Market Resource Center (MMRC), to help keep seniors healthy and happy. What will you do to get moving?

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

was created to encourage physical activity and community involvement in seniors, and it takes place the last Wednesday of Older Americans Month in May. A Place for Mom has published numerous articles around the topic of health and well-being. Here are six of them to give you and your senior loved one some ideas on getting healthy, today and every day.

1. Innovative Fitness Programs for Seniors

Seniors that stay active have more energy and improved balance, which helps lower fall risks, creates a reduced chance for depression and a less chance of serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Seniors can incorporate a variety of activities into their lives to keep their routine interesting. Read on for more information on some programs designed for seniors and a variety of exercise suggestions.

2. Is Exercise the Fountain of Youth for Seniors?

An exercise program does not need to be a complicated mix of workouts. Everyday activity such as cleaning and gardening, can help seniors build muscle and improve joint movement. Even the chore of putting away groceries requires arm and calf strength, and core balance. These daily tasks help keep seniors active and independent. To find out about an exercise format called Functional Fitness that takes daily activities and incorporates them into a program designed to improve endurance, balance, core strength and joint flexibility – read on.

3. The Serious Benefits of Laughter Yoga

You’ve heard the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine.” Not only does the act of laughing increase happiness, it also helps to reduce pain and strengthen the immune system. Yoga also helps the mind and body, and uplifts the spirit. Combine laughter and yoga, and you get a low-impact cardiovascular workout that’s great for seniors. Find out how you can practice and benefit from laughter yoga.

4. 5 Essential Tips for Aging Well – and Happily

Mental health helps aid physical health. The saying “it’s all in your head” and “age is nothing but a number” rings true for those that can adopt a healthy, positive attitude about aging. This same attitude helps lower stress levels just as physical activity does. Whether it’s physical activity, social activity or just having a positive outlook – maintaining your overall health can help you stay young at heart. Here are five ways to help you age happily and healthy.

5. The Secret to Stronger Bones in Seniors

Regular exercise has shown to improve bone strength, which helps to prevent falls in seniors. Considering that a third of seniors take a fall each year, and falls lead to serious injuries like head trauma and hip fractures — it’s important to understand how to prevent falling. Limiting activity level is not the solution to fall prevention. Find out what exercises work best to improve bone strength for seniors, leading to improved balance and health.

6. 10 Ways to Strengthen Seniors’ Immune System

Staying healthy on the inside is as vital as staying healthy on the outside. Aging reduces our immune system response; making seniors are more vulnerable to respiratory infections, influenza and pneumonia. Eating nutrient-rich foods and having a positive outlook can help strengthen our immunity from the inside. Regular physical activity promotes a healthy heart and promotes blood circulation, strengthening the immune system from the outside. Read on for more ways to incorporate healthy-living strategies that work to boost a senior’s immune system.

What healthy living strategies can you recommend for seniors to keep them active? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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