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May 10, 2016
Diet 911- The 4% Body fat
In the article Bodybuilding: Its true nature! Bodybuilding was shown to be a physical endeavor. Consequently bodybuilding operates on scientifically determined physiological principles.

Main Elements

The main features of a sound fat loss program are:

  • 1. Sound diet plan
    2. Sound cardiovascular program
    3. Sound weight training regimen

At the end of this article you will be armed with all three, and will have the knowledge on how to construct your own plan [as opposed to simply hearing what has worked for someone else].


When aiming to reduce body fat levels, the management of macronutrients is crucial. The macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. Below is a brief description of each macronutrient and its respective function within the body.

Macronutrient Physiological Function Types / Sources
Muscular Repair
Boosting Immune System Functioning
Prevent Catabolism
4.5 calories p/gm
Fat Burning
Soy [Plant]
Fat Energy Source
Boosting Immune System Functioning
9 calories p/gm
Good [Mono]
Bad [Poly]
Carbohydrates Energy Source
Preventing Catabolism
Insulin Regulation
4.5 calories p/gm
Simple Sugars
Complex Starches

As may be seen from the chart, each macronutrient performs different functions within the body. Understanding the differing functions of each macronutrient will allow for the construction of a sensible goal-oriented diet plan that will increase the desired event [probable outcome].


Bodybuilding is an activity that operates according to scientific principles and science is mathematically based. Thus, bodybuilding is mathematically based. Accordingly, in the construction of a diet plan, mathematics and numbers are key. Throughout the article you will see various mathematical formulas. These will be helpful to you when constructing your plan.

Diet Plan Requirements

To construct a diet plan several variables need to be mathematically determined.

These variables are:

  • Body mass
  • Current age
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Caloric and macronutrient intake
  • Current body fat percentage

I shall now briefly discuss each.

Body Mass

Many fat loss programs are geared toward "lean mass" or your body mass minus the total mass of fat you have. This plan is geared toward your total body mass. The best time to determine your body mass is first thing in the morning upon rising when, presumably, your stomach is devoid of its contents. For purposes of the example scenario later in the article, your total body mass is 233 pounds.

Age And Basal Metabolic Rate

The rate of your metabolism is directly correlated to your age. With every passing decade the metabolism slows by 10%. This translates into a 1% decrease in metabolic rate per year. Therefore, as people age and fail to change eating habits, they often gain unwanted body fat. Somehow it never occurs to people that as their metabolism slows, so should their eating decrease by a proportionate amount.

Calculating your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will allow you to determine with precision the amount of calories your body requires to maintain its current mass.

The key, then, after determining your BMR is to construct your fat loss program so that through a gradual reduction in calories over time, you end up consuming fewer calories than you burn. For purposes of the example scenario later in the article, your age is 21 and your basal metabolic rate is 2700 calories.

Caloric And Macronutrient Intake

As mentioned, the goal of a fat loss program is to be consuming fewer calories over time than is burned by the body. However, because the body is extremely adaptable and prefers homeostasis, TIME, CALORIES and MACRONUTRIENTS are the independent variables that must be manipulated so that the dependant variable [fat loss] can occur.

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