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July 21, 2017
How to Get a Free Personalized

3061-Jillian-michaels-weight-loss.jpgJillian Michaels appeared on her website wearing a top emblazoned with the word “BULLY”.

She states “I’m not here to offer you false promises and all that crap that sells. I’m here to offer you a real weight-loss solution.”Jillian Michaels is best known for her role as personal trainer and coach on TV show The Biggest Loser.

Now she offers her own weight loss solution that is:

1 Part Diet
1 Part Exercise
1 Part Attitude

The site promises a “free” weight loss plan by way of a comprehensive questionnaire that asks everything from your resting heart rate to your body shape.

After entering my details – the site came up with some interesting customizations (note that the website appeared to lock up when using the Firefox browser):

  • Because I have an “apple” body shape (store fat around the stomach and chest) – a particular workout plan that targeted visceral fat was suggested.
  • Because I am a fast “oxidizer” – a lower carb approach was suggested (50% protein, 20% carb, 30% fat).
  • For the behavioral aspect of the program – Jillian tells me “Well, I say screw willpower”. She recommends getting a hobby, curbing mindless eating, and avoiding dangerous situations (like walking by the donut shop).

Not Quite Free?

After that the site wanted my billing details. So much for a free weight loss plan. The costs are $4 per week, billed in 13 week amounts.

You can cancel at anytime and will receive a refund for unused days. If you cancel before 4 weeks you will be charged a minimum of $20.

No Bull

Like many websites – I wonder how well the presence of a personal trainer translates into an online tool. It’s great to read about motivation – it’s another thing altogether to have a coach beside you pushing you onward.

Source: www.diet-blog.com
14 day FREE online Weight Loss Plan
14 day FREE online Weight Loss Plan
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Free Weight Loss Plans for Women - Diva Benefits
Jillian Michaels Free Weight Loss Plan
Jillian Michaels Free Weight Loss Plan

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