Fastest weight loss diet plan ever

August 25, 2018
17-day diet: Dr Mike Moreno

“Not only will the pounds melt off fast as you’ve just heard from some of the audience, but you will see a drastic decrease in disease. Everything from less type 2 diabetes, less symptoms of food sensitivity, and chronic pain begins to dissipate. It’s called my “2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet, ” says Dr. Oz who states that he developed this plan by spending the past year researching the top diets and their plans with the latest weight loss science.

“The common denominator in these diets and the everyday foods that you are eating is that they are making you sick and fat, ” says Dr. Oz who adds that he believes that it’s not a matter of a lack of willpower, but that it’s more about how these foods are tricking your body into gaining weight.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Step #1: Eliminate the Foods that are Making You Sick and Fat

Eliminated Food #1: Wheat― “This is admittedly the hardest part—I am asking you to eliminate wheat, ” says Dr. Oz who explains that it’s not just about losing weight from your body, but what is going on in your brain as well. According to Dr. Oz, he believes that there are many more people with a gluten sensitivity problem than previously believed, and that what happens is that the gluten found in wheat, sugars, and other sources of carbohydrates are causing an inflammation that is tricking the brain into craving to eat even more food.

Eliminated Food #2: Artificial Sweeteners― “I want you to eliminate all artificial sweeteners. To be clear, this is all the diet sodas you guys are relying on, and the blue, pink and yellow packets that folks are grabbing off the table, ” says Dr. Oz referring to the artificial sweeteners used for adding to coffee and tea when at a restaurant or at home. According to Dr. Oz, research shows that using artificial sweeteners adds 70% more to your waist size.

Eliminated Food #3: Refined Sugar and Alcohol―However, eliminating artificial sweeteners also includes eliminating refined table sugar as well those sugars found in alcohol. Although this is the hardest part for many people to stick to, Dr. Oz assures viewers that the craving is only temporary.

“The first day or two after you get past the addictive part of the food you are eating, it [the sugar craving] sort of eases up. I hear this from a lot of women―after a few days it becomes easier to do the right thing, which is how thin people stay thin, ” says Dr. Oz.

Eliminated Food #4: Coffee― "Here’s why it’s important to eliminate coffee from this program―most of you don’t drink coffee black, so you add sugar and cream to it, which are empty calories and empty fat. Also, coffee ends up being a trigger for a lot of you. It’s a trigger that makes you eat a lot of the foods that comes along with it like the donut in the morning or the pastry. The other thing is that you drink a lot of coffee and it elevates your cortisol, which gives you a false sense of energy, ” says Dr. Oz who explains further that this in turn messes with your hormones that in turn results in increased eating and weight gain.

Eliminated Food #5: Dairy―“Dairy is the root of a lot of food allergies that causes inflammation in your body, ” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that the exception to this is that they are allowed to have Greek yogurt.

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Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan
Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

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