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December 7, 2016
Different diet plans on

my diet is better abc Which My Diet Is Better Than Yours eating plan is better? Vote!Adding even more fuel to the diet craze, ABC decides to pit eating plans against each other in its newest competition show, “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.”

Who will win the competition that puts the dietitians to the test, over those who are trying to lose weight? That is the question! The new ABC fitness challenge is hosted by “Instanity” creator Shaun T. and features five very different philosophies.

The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet is really as wild as it seems. Abel James has his trainee eating burgers in the first week. “You have to eat fat in order to burn fat, ” according to James.

It’s not all fun and games, though. His diet focuses mostly on plant-based foods and leaves out all processed carbs. Pastured meats, cheeses, butter and rich chocolate is permitted.

The Superfood Swap Diet

Dawn Jackson Blatner believes in swapping out someone’s favorite foods for its healthier version — hence the name. “The Superfood Swap is more than just swapping food, it’s about swapping a lifestyle, ” says Blatner.

There are no refined sugars and no snacking in this food plan. However, sweets and alcohol are allowed when in a social setting and exercise in’t a chore.

The cLean Momma Plan

Carolyn Barne’s philosophy is that every moment in your life is a potential workout. (For example, walking up stairs or squatting down to reach groceries.)

The clean Momma plan aims to have achievable eating habits, presumably for the mothers of the world. This diet aims to fuel the body with smart choices throughout the day instead of starving yourself into a binge.

The Wellness Smackdown

The Wellness Smackdown is 100% percent vegan. That means, a plant-based diet with a lot of juices and smoothies, eliminating meats and dairy. Jovanka Ciares assures that this anti-inflammatory vegan diet is the way to go. Plus, it detoxifies the body with its use of herbs.

The No Diet Plan

Jay Cardiello’s No Diet Plan may seem less extreme, but that’s because it focuses less on what you eat and more on how you eat. Cardiello hones in on a behavioral weight loss plan that includes tricking one’s brain into eating less. He suggests tricks such as eating with blue plates and eating with one’s non-dominant hand.

Hint: The person who loses the most weight in the first week is the diet that one would expect to win.

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