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April 4, 2018
Choosing a healthy balanced

raw food cookbookIf you like the idea of eating raw, you need a great raw food diet plan to start. A balanced diet plan is at least 75% raw. A great plan is healthy and will help you both to succeed on and enjoy raw food.

But most of all, the best diet plan is the plan, you're most likely to follow. If that means you'll only succeed on a if you add animal foods, your daily cup of coffee or non food, you should keep eating them. If you can go cold turkey, 100% raw fantastic, but realize that very few people can make such change overnight.

In addition, the best raw food diet plan is:

FUN - The plan must be fun! Full of recipes you love.
EASY - The plan must be easy and realistic to follow.
BALANCED - The plan should have the right balance of, good fats and carbs.


You must have fun on this diet in order to succeed. Fun foods may be raw versions of the foods you like already. Such as guacamole, pesto, salsa, ice creams, , hot chocolate, sashimi, raw cheese, raw vegan nut cheese, you're favorite salad, raw granola.

Other great fun foods you may like are super foods like goji berries, raw chocolate, raw honey, maca, young coconuts etc. In the recipe section of this website I'll add these recipes for you to try.


It's probably best not to start out with complicated recipes that require dehydration, sprouting or other raw techniques that you don't know yet or don't have the tools for. They may take long in the beginning and might frustrate you. Smoothies with super foods, juices and raw versions of foods you already know and like are easiest. This increases your chances of success on the raw food diet plan.


You're best raw food diet plan is one that is balanced. It should have carbohydrates, fats and protein, as well as other important nutrients.

Raw Food Nutrients

Where does a raw foodist get his protein, carbs and fats and how much of each should you eat? Below I'll describe the raw food sources of these important food elements.


The main source of carbohydrates are . starches (carrots) and grains.


The main source of protein are germinated nuts (almonds are best), seeds, grains and green leafy vegetables. I highly recommend hemp seed as an excellent source of protein. Also make sure you germinate your seeds and nuts, otherwise you're unlikely to absorb the protein.

How do you germinate the seeds and nuts? Just before you go to bed, you put the seeds or nuts in a cup and add purified water. The next morning they're ready to eat. (Hemp seeds are the only seeds you don't have to germinate).


The main source of fats are again nuts and seeds, as well as avocado and coconut butter.


Off course it is important to eat nutrient dense foods. Raw green leafy vegetables and super foods are about the most nutrient dens foods (meaning that they have the most nutrients per calorie). So make sure you"ll get enough of these. The easiest way to eat greens is to juice or blend them and mix them with fruits (like apples or bananas) or herbs (like parsley).

Raw Food Diet Menu

Now you can put your menu together. Here's an example of an simple raw food diet plan:


Fresh fruit, coconut water or.


smoothie, or .


and .


Pure water, , , coconut water.

Or go to the for more raw recipes.

Personalized Diet

The best diet plan is a personalized diet plan. Should you eat mostly carbs, protein or fats? This depends on your constitution and might take some time to figure out. If you have, or candida you shouldn't eat high sugar or starches and best avoid animal fats.

You can use to find out how balanced your diet plan is.

Raw Food for Weight Loss

is almost certain on this diet: the live food is high in, fiber and nutrition thus you won't get hungry quickly. Actually, it's hard not to lose weight. In addition, you'll eat more alkaline foods which also aid in weight loss. On average an overweight person will loose about 2 pounds a week.


Even if you're a vegan, you don't have to worry about because you'll get plenty from the greens, nuts and seeds. See my for more details.

Balanced Diet Plan For A Slim And Balanced Body
Balanced Diet Plan For A Slim And Balanced Body
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Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

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