Female Bodybuilding Nutrition

September 29, 2014
Female bodybuilding nutrition
This Fat Loss Meal Plan Will Show You How To Get Lasting Results.
Recommended Daily Caloric Intake: Carbs: Protein: Fat:

The example meals below are based on a 1775 calories per day fat loss diet. You may need to adjust the amounts of foods to meet your individual caloric needs.

Chapters: Training | Nutrition | Supplements


If you want to transform your physique, burn fat, and reveal a toned and well shaped body, you've got to commit to your nutrition plan 100%. Maybe you're a "healthy eater" most of the time or maybe you're stuck on fast-food, soda and microwave meals - whatever the case, your new fat loss meal plan is finally going to show you the lasting weight loss results you've been waiting for.

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This Fat Loss Meal Plan Will Show
You How To Get Lasting Results.

The Plan

Your new fat loss nutrition plan is going to be based on three things:

    • The Right Fuel - whole foods and high quality protein sources
    • Timing - eating 5-6 times a day in the right portions
    • Calorie Deficit - eating 300-500 calories below your caloric maintenance level

    Small Frequent Meals Of The Right Foods Will Turn Your Body Into A Fat Incinerating Machine.If you follow these three simple principles, we guarantee you will succeed. All the resources you need to build a full-proof fat loss nutrition program can be found on Bodybuilding.com. By eating the right foods in smaller portioned meals spaced throughout the day, you'll feel energized and your body will turn into a fat incinerating machine.

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    Small Frequent Meals Of The Right Foods Will Turn
    Your Body Into A Fat Incinerating Machine.

    Meal Plans

    We've built an example meal plan that you can use as a template for your meals. Our example meal plan won't necessarily meet your caloric needs, so the amounts of foods will be different for you depending on what you need. But the individual meals are designed with the best foods in the best ratio for fat loss.

    This is a suggested meal plan that you can follow every day if you want, but you can change up the foods to add variety or slowly cut calories/add calories depending on your results and how you feel. Tracking progress and adjusting your nutrition plan is a critical component to seeing results - your body will be changing and so will your dietary needs. All the information to help you adjust your meal plan can be found on this page.

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    With The Proper Balance Of Protein, Carbohydrates, And Fats You'll Become Strong, Toned, And Defined. Rule #1 Frequent And Consistent Meals

    If you want to lose fat for good, you can't expect to see results from a crash diet of a few days or couple of weeks. Lasting weight loss is a product of eating clean (no processed or junk food) week after week, month after month. It takes time, and the people around you who've done it will tell you that staying consistent is the most important lesson you'll learn.

    From now on, you'll be eating every two to three hours, having 5-6 quality meals throughout the day. It's not as hard as you might think. Just concentrate on having breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 3 well-balanced snacks in between.

    Don't Skip Meals!

    If you're the kind of person who skips breakfast or lunch, or both, and then eats a large dinner, that type of eating will not work for you on a fat loss diet. If you feel hungry, EAT something - just make it the right foods that are described on this page.

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    You Should Eat When You Are Hungry, But
    Make Sure You're Eating The Right Things.

    Forget the typical 3 meals a day, because your metabolism and your body will thank you for eating more frequently. Eating 5-6 meals a day will feed your body with a steady stream of high quality nutrients, rather than bombarding it with large amounts of food that will be stored as fat. Eating often will help keep hunger under control and reduce cravings. Your metabolism will run at high gear, your body will be primed to burn fat as fuel, and you'll start shedding excess pounds.

    Eating The Right Carbs Throughout The Day Will Provide You With Energy And Fuel To Workout.On this fat loss nutrition plan, you can safely lose between 2-3lbs of fat per week. If you try to lose fat much faster than that, you'll end up sacrificing hard earned muscle tone. And that means - no ripped six pack. Ultimately, your overall health and wellness is the number one priority. Shedding 2-3lbs of fat per week will help you stay energized and won't leave you constantly tired, hungry and cranky!

    Rule #2 Calorie Deficit To Burn Fat

    In order to lose fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. It's simple; a calorie deficit means you need to burn off more calories than you take in during the day.

    Many fad diets reduce calories so low that you'll see great results at first and then hit a plateau. Or, even worse, you end up gaining all the weight back faster than you lost it! Proper nutrition is essential for continued progress, and if you take in too few calories your body will actually store fat, not shed it. Healthy fat loss takes hard work and time, but it's worth every minute!

    Put Calories to Work for You - The Fat Loss Ratio

    Your fat loss nutrition plan is going to be broken down into a specific calorie ratio: 40/40/20. You should get 40% of your calories from high quality protein sources, 40% from complex and fibrous carbohydrates (including vegetables and some fruit), and 20% from natural and healthy fats.


    Don't worry - we'll break this ratio down in terms of real foods when we talk about what foods you'll be eating for your fat loss meal plan.

    By splitting your calories in the proper ratio between protein and carbohydrates and healthy fats, you'll be able to fuel your muscles, burn fat, and re-shape your body. If you want your body to be strong, toned, and carved with muscle definition, this ratio will get you there.

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    With The Proper Balance Of Protein, Carbohydrates,
    And Fats You'll Become Strong, Toned, And Defined.

    Rule #3 The Right Fuel - Food And Portions

    To sculpt the body of your dreams, you have to start putting high quality fuel in your body. Use the best fuel to operate at your optimal ability both in and outside of the gym! Transforming your body means putting 100% effort into each and every workout, and to fuel those workouts you need the best foods. Let's talk about macro and micronutrients.

High Quality Protein Sources Will Help The Body Burn Fat While Maintaining Muscle. Make Sure To Remove Visible Fat From Your Meat Before Eating It. Soy Products Are Sold In Most Big Chain Grocery Stores. A Quick And Easy Way To Ensure Your Getting The Right Amount Of Food Is Compare It To The Size Of Your Hand.
Source: www.bodybuilding.com
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