Diet foods to lose weight

April 2, 2019
Best Diet Foods to Lose Weight

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We’re going to go deep into the rabbit hole for just a moment.

A Baby Bunny
I will start off by saying that my first stuffed animal was a rabbit, my mom calls me Bun Bun (short for bunny) and that I have big front teeth that some may call, bunny teeth. My obsession with the cute cuddly creatures wasn’t the only factor that came to play when naming this blog. Ever since I can remember I have been overweight, or should I say… a chubby bunny. I am not one of those naturally thin girls who gained the freshman 15, or gained weight after having children. During elementary school and high school, I was teased and bullied because of my weight. They engraved in my mind that I was fat, so I believed that was all I ever would be. I didn’t understand why my mom and sister were so petite and I was so big. ? Why did I have to be placed into this body? This isn’t fair, why me?” I used to wish upon shooting stars that I would have an eating disorder so I could be skinny.

I had always been interested in fashion, but being 5’4 and 162lbs as a teenager, there are not a lot of stylish options out there. I remember searching for a Winter Formal dress and not being able to fit into anything. I cried in the dressing room of every store and my mom assured me that we were going to find the perfect dress. I hated shopping with friends because they always wanted to see how everything looked on me, but most of the time it would not even fit so I wouldn’t come out of the dressing room. I hated being fat, but chalked it up as “baby fat” that I would one day grow out of. I continued eating like a teenager, never thinking about what I was really putting into my body, and although the food that I ate wasn’t always unhealthy, it was just too much.

I have the most amazing parents in the entire world and they are a constant source of inspiration. My Dad is one of the most selfless, generous, hard working people I know, and has provided a safe, stable, and loving home for my family. My mom is a renaissance woman. On top of managing a household, volunteering for 5 different nonprofit organizations, and being a loving wife and outstanding mother, my mom always cooked homemade meals for us, consisting of a healthy balance and variety of foods. My parents never criticized me for my weight, what I ate, how I dressed, and always supported my insane ideas. Even when my weight started to creep up, they never acknowledged it or pressured me to lose weight. I am so lucky to have this amazing family, filled with so much love and support. Because of my parents, I truly believe that weight loss will happen when the time is right. No one can push you. You must decide to get healthy for yourself, which is exactly what I did.

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Fruit Salad - One of the Best Diet Foods to Lose Weight
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Diet Lose Weight | Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

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