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April 16, 2013
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Movie star Chris Pratt, star of the summertime box office success “Guardians of the Galaxy” had one of the most incredible Hollywood body transformations of all time.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Transformation

Chris has always struggled with his weight but when he signed on to be the star of the huge box office smash the producers and director requested that he undergo a radical body transformation to play the lead role of Star Lord and appear more like a “super hero.”

This meant that he had to trade 60 lbs of flab for pure muscle. This is no easy task – even for someone in Hollywood with access to the best of the best. (Check out the muscle supplement’s Chris used here!)

Chris first sat down with a nutritionist and developed an eating strategy around his workouts that would allow him to build lean muscle mass and burn body fat at the same time.Chris says that the biggest transformation he had to undergo was mentally. Chris Pratt has struggled with weight his entire life and to undergo an incredible body transformation would require a herculean effort.

The 1st big change occurred in his mind. In order to undergo the huge task to both losing a tremendous amount of body fat and gaining lean muscle mass Chris re-evaluated his mental mindset towards transformation.

By studying many successful weight loss stories Chris understood what it would take to mentally overcome this huge obstacle.

By understanding that he had to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term success he was able to stay committed for the duration of his transformation.

His workout routine consisted of a typical bodybuilding split so he could build the maximum amount of lean muscle mass in the shortest time and a special form of cardio referred to as “muscle building cardio.”Chris says that he also used the advice of top nutritionists and trainers. If you are serious about losing weight and transforming yourself you should make sure you get advice from the people who are paid to be professional body shapers he says.

This meant he had to learn a ton about nutrition and eat certain things at certain times to manipulate his body’s most important muscle building and fat burning hormones.

Along with a very strict diet regimen Chris Pratt also relied on a top supplement stack that allowed him to naturally boost his Testosterone output while quickly reducing body fat.

Alpha Cut HD helped him lose body fat very quickly and keep his muscles lean and toned while he was reducing his calories.

Formula T-10 helped to raise the free testosterone in his body – which he was able to utilize for increased strength, lean muscle building and a rapid increase in energy.

Chris Pratt DietWith the help of his nutritionist and a powerful supplement stack Chris quickly became a muscle building and fat burning machine – but it didn’t come without a lot of hard work in the weight room as well.

Chris went on a 6 day per week workout regimen and got trained by one of the top Hollywood Trainers.

Muscle building cardio was suggested by Chris’s trainer and is hitting Hollywood hard. It stimulates maximum anabolic hormone release and helps to secrete more testosterone and human growth hormone throughout your body.

The magic with muscle building cardio happens because you are working your fast twitch muscle fibers, which are used in explosive exercises like sprinting, jumping and weight lifting. These muscle fibers take longer to recover following exercises so besides all of the amazing anabolic hormone benefits you also increase your metabolism for up to 24 hours following the workout.

Chris Pratt Galaxy WorkoutChris was quoted saying that the muscle building cardio was the hardest form of exercise that he has ever done but he attributes his rapid body transformation to his cardio.

The combination of the powerful supplement stack, top nutrition, and muscle building cardio is enough to help any man transform his body very quickly. Throw in a bodybuilding split and you can see why Chris Pratt went from looking flabby to a ripped super hero.

The before and after pictures were shocking but it was not without a ton of commitment and hard work.

Chris’s tremendous weight loss story has inspired thousands of fans to lose weight and get in the best shape of their life. Chris recently took questions from fans and had a powerful perspective to share about his weight loss journey.

The biggest message that he shared was that time would go by quickly regardless – and if you just put in the work and get past the initial hurdle some amazing things can happen.

Congrats Chris – you look awesome and are a true inspiration to thousands of fans from all over the world!

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